Where is that bridge ?

Clients often inquire about our company name, and actually ask us “Where is that Adesco Bridge ?“

Well, here’s a little secret … We are the only Adesco Bridge.

Nonetheless, bridges are amazing !

Their strength and engineering, and often their awesome design, are breath-taking.

Many thousands of heavy vehicles and pedestrians cross bridges safely every day, long decades after they were initially planned and constructed.

Such strength and long term planning are qualities which guide Adesco in our dedication to our clients, and our determination to properly bridge between your needs and their most effective solution.

header_Matheson1_tinyVerrazano Narrows Bridge– carries 12 lanes of traffic across The Narrows, a tidal strait between Staten Island and Brooklyn in New York

header_Matheson1_tinyHangzhou Bay Bridge– Connects the municipalities of Jiaxing and Ningbo in Zhejiang province, in the eastern coastal region of China

header_Matheson1_tinyPonte Vecchio– the “Old Bridge” over the Arno River, in Florence, Italy, with shops built along the bridge

header_Matheson1_tinyMoon Bridge– Japan

header_Matheson1_tinySydney Harbour Bridge– An iconic scene of the harbour includes the “Coathanger” Bridge and the nearby Sydney Opera House in Sydney Australia.

header_Matheson1_tinyAkashi Kaikyō Bridge– also known as the Pearl Bridge, links the city of Kobe on the mainland of Honshu to Iwaya on Awaji Island, Japan

header_Matheson1_tinyThe Millau Bridge– a beautiful cable-stayed bridge spanning the valley of the Tarn River in the south of France

header_Matheson1_tinyThe Brooklyn Bridge– connecting the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn in New York is the first steel wire suspension bridge ever constructed

header_Matheson1_tinyGolden Gate Bridge– a classic view over San Francisco Bay, California