Clients and their banks tend to view reality differently.

Clients are typically focused on opportunities.
Banks are typically focused on risks.

Often, circumstances arise which a client may view as positive developments, while the bank has a contrasting opinion and expresses concern of increasing risk. Such differing perspectives may develop into stressful situations leading the bank to tighten its grip and seek corrective measures such as reduction of credit facilities, calls for additional collateral, etc.

In other cases, clients may submit to their bank what appear to be simple requests, only to find that the bank embarks on a mission of intrusive and difficult demands. The resulting frustration may lead to blockage of a business or personal opportunity, and even risk the overall  client-bank relationship.

Adesco’s wealth of experience enables us to properly diagnose our client’s needs, as well as the bank’s seemingly excessive reactions. Cautious navigation is required to peel away the layers of friction and identify the precise point of conflict or stress. Whenever possible, it is worthwhile to resolve the conflict and to renew the relationship to the satisfaction of both parties. Of course, if the gap is insurmountable we will assist to arrange a new banking relationship, being careful not to burn bridges before a new one is in place.