Foreign currency exchange is an enigma.

Rates are quoted on web sites, on the radio and in newspapers. Yet, those are not the rates applied by the banks. Furthermore, transactions may be subject to fees for receiving currency from abroad and fees for executing currency exchange.

Don’t be fooled by special benefits the bank may approve … there is still significant hidden profit in the spreads they apply.

As a registered financial institution, Adesco is licensed to execute currency conversions at proper exchange rates, avoiding the fees and excessive profit typically charged by banks, and/or other intermediaries.
The result is immediate cash savings for our clients.

Ongoing savings may be most significant for entities who regularly receive budgets from abroad, exporters receiving income from abroad, or importers acquiring foreign currency to pay their foreign suppliers. Adesco clients avoid wasteful transaction costs and exchange rate spreads, so that you benefit from the full value of foreign currency received, and/or from significant savings on your foreign currency acquisitions.

Following are examples of actual transactions which indicate the potential savings:

  • A real estate company converted $2,500,000 to repay a loan and saved approx. 60,000 shekels !
  • A foreign resident converted €800,000 to purchase a property and saved approx. 23,000 shekels !
  • A high tech company converts $300,000 to cover their monthly overhead and saves nearly 10,000 shekels each month !

It’s a simple pain-free process with measurable, ongoing financial benefits.

The service is available to corporations, individuals and non-profit institutions.

Minimum transaction size $10,000.
Adesco Bridge Ltd. is a registered financial institution and licensed as a Currency Service Provider by the Ministry of Finance.

We’ll be glad to include you in the savings!